Let’s do a thorough Financial Needs Analysis (FNA)  which can serve as your GUIDE all throughout your financial journey.

Who referred you to this site? If from FB, whose FB?

Please provide us with some basic information:

What is your full name?

How do you want us to call you?

How old are you?

When is your date of birth? *

What is you current status?

If married, what is the name and age of your spouse?

If with kids, pls state the name and age of the kids.

{{answer_53003276}}, what is your mobile # and/or email?

Ok, let's start, {{answer_53003276}}.  You will be asked a series of questions based on different categories:
A.  Income Protection
B.  Education
C.  Retirement
D.  Estate

Additional questions may be asked by the Financial Advisor assigned to you.


How much is the monthly expenses of the family? Including, but not limited to: 
a.  Food/Groceries
b.  Utility Bills
c.  Credit card loans / mortgages
d.  Mortgages
e.  Tuition fees
f.  allowances given to other dependents (e.g. parents, siblings, nephews/nieces, etc.)

How much is your current insurance (group/company and/or individual)?


How much is the current tuition fee in College? (default is 100k)

For how many years will you save up for this? (default is 10 yrs)

If single, when do you intend to get married and have children?


{{answer_53003276}}, at what age will you retire?

How much longer will you live after retirement? (or to put it bluntly, at what age do you think you'd die?)

In today’s money, how much monthly pension would you like to receive during your retirement years?

How long will you save up for this? (default is 10 yrs)

How much retirement money at the age of 60 are you expecting from your company/investments (including direct stocks)?


{{answer_53003276}} how much is the present net value of all your properties? (real estate properties, personal properties, bank accounts, investments, etc.)

If you have additional remarks, pls. write it down here.

How would you want us to send the Financial Plan to you?

via FB (pls. write your FB link or name)

via Email (pls. write your email)

Thank you. We will send you your FREE Financial Plan asap (pls. allow 2-3 days as we receive a lot of requests).  

We'd greatly appreciate it if you will notify us via FB private message (  that you have answered the Questionnaire. 

If you have any questions, here are our contact details:
Mobile:  09778570175

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